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Styled: Vintage Gypsy

  • Just cool-2
    I teamed with The Vintage Gypsy, Nicole Robison and Coley Myrmel for a styled shoot. It was a labor of love and the most fulfilling project I've had to date.

photo ART for purchase

  • Fall sunset fave
    PhotoGazelle is offering limited edition prints of select artwork. If interested, please contact Sara at photogazelle@hotmail.com for price inquiries and delivery options.


  • Ben on dock-4
    Family/Senior Session Combo on a gorgeous summer day and evening!

Wyatt - Senior Photos

  • Fence cute-2
    Burnsville High School Senior shot in the dwindling days of summer.


  • Steps tilt love-2
    Sweet Senior Photos with this rad chic! We had so much fun discovering hidden creeks, playing in barns and old abandoned buildings!


  • On ground-3
    I might be biased, but this kid is gorgeous!


  • Bricks and black fave
    Burnsville High School Senior


  • Standing near the bridge
    Burnsville High School Senior


  • Gorge in sunshine-2
    Senior Shoot!!

Sean Madigan

  • Dimples
    Burnsville High School Senior session. Perfect location.


  • Extreme close up-2
    Senior shoot!!
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O'Malley Family

  • Omalley-84
    There aren't enough words to describe the BIG personality in this group! AMAZING.


  • Millis-90
    OH. This family has my heart!


  • Schneider-55
    Another bundle to love. Lifestyle newborn shoot.

Nelson Family

  • Nelson-74
    An annual shoot with clients, who are now friends.

Stockdale Family

  • Stockdale-107
    Lifestyle session in their gorgeous home.

Wolter Family

  • Wolter-156
    Lifestyle session with a new family of four. Time is so precious.

Davidson Family

  • Davidson-46
    I LOVE getting to see families grow!

KC Schneider Family

  • Schneider-60
    Back alley action in the West Bottoms, filled with love (and a few pouts!)

Harp Family

  • Harp-55
    My brother and his love. They are too pretty for words, so we use photos!

Wasinger Family

  • Wasinger-50
    Met up with this Party of Six in the West Bottoms.

Paur Family

  • Paur-65
    Delightful people, celebrating life and a great milestone!


  • Kong-51
    Friends who make me smile ... advice versa!

Rasmussen: Seniors & Family

  • Tony-17
    Gorgeous setting for both family and Senior photos!

Mara: Senior Rep

  • Golden beauty-2
    Meet the beautiful, inside and out, Mara.


  • Electric fetusBW
    Senior Photography with this cool cat.

Thorsteinson Family

  • Gentleman-2
    My favorite woods with a spectacular family.


  • Shadow-edit
    Handsome Burnsville High School Senior session.

Tonn Family

  • Brynn by creek
    My favorite park, meeting new people!

Braton Family

  • Couple by creek-edit
    New families to meet and new stories to capture!

Cronin Family

  • Mommy kisses
    OH my stars are they ever CUTE! And fun!

McQuillen Family

  • Family cuteness
    Serious CUTE baby girl and her gorge parents!


  • Sweet interaction-edit
    Sprinkles didn't stop our non-stop laugh fest!

White Family

  • Family huddle
    Loved the moody vibe and blend of colors for this KC {link} session!

Swanson Shoot

  • Brenna stunning-edit
    Epic ROCKSTAR moves during this shoot!

Hammond Family

  • Blake is cool
    FUN. We had lots of FUN!


  • Thowe-Edit-70
    Beauty and love beyond words.


  • Cute and fun
    Cute kiddos and their new pup! ADORBS!

Bullock Wedding

  • Silhouette
    A beautiful wedding on the river. Such a special day!


  • Sunshine jack-3
    A family FILLED with love, for life and one another.


  • Andrea on rock pretty-edit-2
    Let's play together in the creek AND take amazing photos! YAY!

Hofer Family

  • Nicole looks back-edit-2
    Beautiful family, gorgeous evening.

Millis Family

  • Izzy popsicle
    Special family, special friends. A glorious day together!

Gray & Yellow

  • Grandma-3
    35 family members! This is a record for me! We caught a brilliant MN day and had so much fun! Thanks everyone!


  • Pretty girl
    First Communion for this special little lady.


  • K carrot and mom
    Special baby girl turns a BIG 2!!


  • Cake for mom-3
    Updated family and baby girl shots!

Jongeling Family

  • Littlest princess
    Precious. There is something magical about a family with all girls and a Daddy!

Annie & Steve

  • Good close up-3
    The hottie couple got ENGAGED! Here are there photos of late as well as the previous shots still in the album!