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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Molly @ the F-spot

Sara! I still read your blog! :) I squeeze it in and am often on my phone and can't comment. But I'm here with you!! Thank you for your wonderful update and pictures!

I am so glad you took yourself seriously and made the appointment. You are so right to find the lemonade in the lemons - it could be much worse!

I am sending every good vibe I have your way!! Much love, too!


so glad you went and got it looked at. keeping you in my prayers. :)


Good for you for getting it checked out and staying on top of things!! Skin cancer terrifies me. I think it's because I know I'm predisposed due to my fair skin. Many prayers. xoxo


i am very happy to hear that you went to get your spot checked out, sara! a few years back, i sat with my mom while she had skin cancer removed from just above her lip and it certainly left an impression on me. i now have an interesting spot in the corner of my eye and i really need to get to the derm.
scars help tell our story and thankfully, yours is one of strength and lots of life to come! :) *


Good girl for going in. So sorry about the diagnosis. My BFF had this done on her nose a few years ago. So scary. I will be praying that it is quick procedure for you. Sending some CO love your way.


SO glad it's BCC and not something more serious! To prepare yourself, you might want to go back in time to the fb pictures of my MOHs procedure on my forehead. Of course the area will be anesthetized and you don't really feel it, but when the bandage comes off, it can be a shock! I pray that it's not deep and your Dr. is as fantastic as mine and little scarring will result!


love you, friend.
will be praying for you.
and i'm SO glad you went in. i go every year and have had quite a few biopsies done. scares me every time.

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