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Thursday, March 28, 2013



I love it all...and i will probably be heading to wally world to pick up that dress.

Ok, when I have a second (in the next two weeks), I'm going to sign up! That's so fun!

and...thanks for playing 'fashion plates' with us, friend!


They all look great! I think you should keep the blue shirt...it's a great color and looks good with your dark hair.




did you just give me a reason that i HAVE to go to walmart?!?!?!
(ps you are gorgeous)

Kyme Conway

Keep the blue shirt!! I love it.


Love this!! Totally want to try it. Keep the blue shirt! Beautiful color and looks great on you! Thanks for sharing.


Awesome! I kept that cream and navy sweater also! At first, I wasn't that impressed, but like you said, once you put it on, super cute! I love that blue top!!! Is that a necklace or detail on the shirt? Super cute! You got a great shipment!

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