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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Aunt Cordi Williams

I'm giving you a HIGH FIVE! You are doing what your suppose to do, be a MOM. We all go thru this, trust me I did. Maybe I just blocked it out and just kept all the rainbow stuff. It's like marriage it can't be all wine and roses. But I know at times you would like to stab yourself with a few thrones and drink a few bottles of wine. Sara, your a great Mommy. You need to pick your battles, they want to fend for them selves and be a help to you. The hair..let it go a few times and she'll notice if someone else mentions it..like a friend. Hang in there sweetie...there is some gold at the end of the rainbow..it's called "Empty Nest"..LOL Love you honey. Aunt Cordi

Liz Cook

Oh Sara! I so feel your pain this week! I blame it on the daylight savings time too or maybe it's just time for spring break or maybe it's the ear infection we were at the doctor with on Monday! Ugh! All a part of it! Hygiene is our biggest struggle too-the brushing of the teeth. "I'm too tired, will you brush them, no I don't want to brush them". Seriously? You want to have rotten teeth for the rest of your life! Aye aye aye! I'm so over it! Just know that you are a great mom and someday they will appreciate all the "mean mom" moments! Hang in there!


High Five! My kids both lie about teeth brushing, crying over showers and bedtime. I have one easy, one hard, but even the easy one is getting rough, the tween years have officially arrived. We now have drama that has blindsided me and left me in tears. It is a rocky journey for sure.

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