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Thursday, September 08, 2016



You are an amazing Mother, there's no better way to say it than that. I can't imagine how tough this has been for you.
Carsten has struggled with severe anxiety since 2nd grade, but I've only struggled through a fraction of what you have. But, if you ever need someone to vent to about it all.... I get it to some degree, the medications, getting the right diagnosis, the therapy, etc....
Love you!


You are amazing Sara. I am honored to follow your journey. I have seen these issues untreated with my cousin's children, and it is so heartbreaking because she was/is too young to care enough to have worked at it and addressed it, and now I am sad to say it is too late for them. Thanks for sharing, I am praying for your strength and for your sweet boy to continue to improve.


I'm so glad that you've found some things that are helping Luke.

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